Portable Fireplace Is Great Insurance Fraud Kit

What better way to “accidentally” burn down your home and all of your loved ones sleeping peacefully inside´┐Ż than with this Travelmate portable fireplace by Conmoto. Oops! I didn’t mean to kick it over. Now all of my possessions are burning around me. The Mexico City fire fighting force does not approve. Good thing I have insurance. Alright, horrible thought, but what makes this portable fireplace noteworthy is it burns on bio-ethanol liquid fuel. It is a smokeless flame, preventing any chance of suffocation in the middle of the night while your hot boxing your room with one of these suitcase-looking fireplaces.

At $3,300, you better hope that insurance fraud bit you’re trying to pull will pay off. Otherwise, you’re down the three grand, all of your belongings, and are officially a single bachelor again. One who also happens to be homeless. If only that Porsche Cayenne fire truck got to your house faster.

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  1. Using this fireplace to burn down a home not only will cost you three grand and your home, but about 10 years of your freedom as well.

    Then, the only “heat” you will be feeling will be the love of a 300-lb fellow inmate named “Bruno.”

  2. Way to not have a sense of humor dude

  3. Please tell me this is a joke!
    Are people REALLY this assinine to so publicly and proudly advocate fraud? I am just shaking my head over this one.

  4. Hey Vince “Dude”,
    Since Jay and I fight insurance fraud and most people reading this are lemming s and might try it, this needs to be said. Unfortunately common sense is not so common in America these days.

  5. Apparently no one in the insurance industry has a sense of humor.

  6. We have a sense of humor. Just look at our response to the Toyota ads where people push a car off of a parking garage, tie it up to a dock to fall into the bay, cut a tree down on your car or push a boulder on the car. Let’s take a look at fires in 6 months to see how many people with a sense ofhumor kick over their TRAVELMATE.

  7. Ok, everyone needs to calm down.
    Did everyone forget that we’re posting on a gizmo site? Like G1zm0d0 and 3ng4dg37, the majority of people that read this tend to be gizmophiles, with IQs way higher than a lemming (lemmings can’t do anything except go on AOL, and read whatever book Oprah recommends). And lets face it, half these items that get reviewed are always looked at in a sarcastic pov. But still, anyone that does try to perform the above can try. Chances are they’ll fail and end up with a Darwin award posthumously.
    ps. I can’t believe ePort reported on this post.

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