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The OS X Finder Pillow Collection

Check out these cool Halloween-themed �Finder� icon pillows created by Etsy user THROWBOY, one of which claims the same name as the old orange Macs. The vampire? That’s “Count Macula.” The ghost, that’s the �Spooker.” The Frankenstein, that’s the “Finderstein.” As for the pumpkin, it’s called the “Mac-O-Lantern.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. Instructables already gave you the know ...

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Getting ziggy zaggy with dSLR

Those who switch from normal digital cameras to dSLR have taken live-view LCDs for granted, a lot of them have even expressed disappointment having realized that almost all dSLR in the market do not have live-view LCDs, you would need to poke into the view-finder in order to know what you’re framing. Olympus has released 1 or 2 dSLRs with ...

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