Getting ziggy zaggy with dSLR


Those who switch from normal digital cameras to dSLR have taken live-view LCDs for granted, a lot of them have even expressed disappointment having realized that almost all dSLR in the market do not have live-view LCDs, you would need to poke into the view-finder in order to know what you’re framing. Olympus has released 1 or 2 dSLRs with live-view LCDs, however the result was not the best according to various professional review sites.

The problem is not about simply buying the Olympus camera, but the hassle to change all your lenses and flashlights to a different brand. Korean company Seculine has been selling the live-view LCDs that can be attach to almost all dSLRs in the market, now they came back with an upgrade- the Zig View S2 which improves a lot upon the older version. The 2″ 230,000 pixels LCD will display the live image caught by the CCD attached to the viewfinder on your dSLR (comparing to the older Zig View which used CMOS), so you don’t have to peep through the hole anymore, you will also have a lot more flexibility when it comes to shooting angle.

Thanks to the double hinges, the LCD can flip 180 degrees vertically (up, down) and 315 degrees horizontally (left, right). The battery can last up to 2 hours non top per charge. Dimensions are 67x21x110mm (85g). The Zig View S2 will be retailed in March for 540USD. More shots after the jump.


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