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IMDb Offering Over 6000 Free Movies, TV Shows

Finally, Amazon has made a move that will no doubt shake up the world of online video. One of it’s hottest properties, IMDb.com, will now be offering over 6,000 full-length films and TV episodes for – wait for it – free. Yes, free. Amazon is actively promoting this and is encouraging other directors and filmmakers to get involved. The flicks ...

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The Dark Knight Edition Xbox 360

Yup. You read correctly. You, sirs, are staring at a brand-spankin’ new Xbox 360 from Taiwan. The catch? It’s an extremely limited edition The Dark Knight Xbox 360. Kind of like getting a BJ from Megan Fox while Michael Jordan high fives you. Good luck getting your own. You may very well end up making your own. Link

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Replacing Plants With Solar Plants

When you get to the point where you’ve fucked with the Earth so much that normal plants just won’t cut it, you need alternatives. That’s why the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Mitsubishi and Tokki Corp. have developed a prototype solar cell module that resembles a living plant. With organic thin-film solar cells, the module is ...

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Vladmaster: Viewmaster Film Wheels

Remember when you were a kid a the Viewmaster 3-D was the coolest fucking thing since the hot fudge sundae? Of course you do. Now imagine if a hip artist with a keen liking for Kafka came up with her own set of Viewmaster film wheels. Such is the case with Portland-based artist Vladimir. Vladimir first takes 3-D pictures of ...

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