IMDb Offering Over 6000 Free Movies, TV Shows

Finally, Amazon has made a move that will no doubt shake up the world of online video. One of it’s hottest properties,, will now be offering over 6,000 full-length films and TV episodes for – wait for it – free. Yes, free. Amazon is actively promoting this and is encouraging other directors and filmmakers to get involved. The flicks will be available for streaming from any computer, save Michael Arrington’s Fantasy Tablet. Still, with only ~6000 movies and shows available, how could could the lineup be?

With IMDb’s new free video viewing service, viewers can watch hit shows like:

— “24”

— “Big Brother”

— “CSI”

— “Family Guy”

— “Heroes”

— “House M.D.”

— “The Office”

— “The Simpsons”

Additionally, fans can relive their pasts and check out TV classics, such as:

— “Beverly Hills, 90210”

— “Bewitched”

— “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

— “Charlie’s Angels”

— “Star Trek”

Customers can also watch recent and classic films, including:

— “Fever Pitch”

— “Fiddler on the Roof”

— “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”

— “Hoop Dreams”

— “Raising Arizona”

— “Some Like It Hot”

In conjunction with the start of the new fall TV season, customers will also be able to watch, for free, the first episodes of new and returning shows before their airdate. These shows include:

— “Knight Rider” (Sept. 24)

— “Lipstick Jungle” (Sept. 24)

— “Chuck” (Sept. 29)

— “Life” (Sept. 29)

— “30 Rock” (Oct. 23)

OK, so essentially, you’re just becoming another Hulu. Thanks, but no thanks Amazon. Call us when you’ve done something a little more groundbreaking.


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