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Fiber Optic Bed Cover and Pillow Will Fit Right In

If you’ve already been rocking some glowing furniture, your other rooms must be feeling pretty dark and drab. Sure, you might sort of like sleeping in the dark like a normal person, but the addition of a luminous Fiber Optic Pillow and Bed Cover seems like the sort of glow we could get used to. I don’t understand the whole ...

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Neues Licht UFO lamp reminds of extraterrestrials for a second

The UFOs are coming! Look out! Oh, wait, it’s just your lamp. So, doesn’t this source of light look awsome? In case you are wondering how it works, first let’s say that there is no light bulb or LED set being used here. Instead of these tradtional light sources, if LED is traditional now, the UFO Neues Licht uses fiber ...

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