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Dog Ball Fetch Machine for the Lazy or Armless

If you’re a double amputee, congratulations, you get a free pass. No fetch playing for you. But if you’re a pet owner lucky enough to own two or even one functioning arm their is absolutely no reason to own this Dog Ball Fetch Machine unless you’re extremely lazy or if you want to offer your dog constant, albeit tedious, entertainment. ...

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Fetchbot For The Impersonal Dog Owner

Playing fetch with a dog can be a tiresome activity, especially if your dog has the energy of an Ox which has the energy of two Oxen. That’s where the Fetchbot comes in to play. It’s essentially a tennis ball catapult that’s designed to keep your dog busy while you can enjoy the finer things in life, like not playing ...

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Hyperdog Ball Launcher: High powered pet entertainment

Obesity has become a epidemic in many of the world’s leading countries. That’s right, our dogs are huge! Our “time is money” culture gives us very little time to spend giving our pets the proper exercise they need. The Hyperdog Ball Launcher makes sure that your pets’ balls travel to a far distance (giggle). Providing your pet with a further ...

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