Hyperdog Ball Launcher: High powered pet entertainment


Obesity has become a epidemic in many of the world’s leading countries. That’s right, our dogs are huge! Our “time is money” culture gives us very little time to spend giving our pets the proper exercise they need. The Hyperdog Ball Launcher makes sure that your pets’ balls travel to a far distance (giggle). Providing your pet with a further distance to fetch.

The Ball Launcher can sling tennis balls up to 200 feet, about 2/3 the length of a football field. This will ensure your dog either loses weight, or collapses from exhaustion. The sling is made of high quality surgical tubing. Durable enough to last a lifetime (at least your dog’s lifetime). The Launcher comes with 2 tennis balls, just in case one is to roll into a sewer or if one just becomes too covered in slobber to use without vomiting. Available for $30. — Andrew Dobrow

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