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Socks Anatomy

I have no idea why these are called “Socks Anatomy” instead of “Anatomy Socks” but hey, to each his or her own. These are some badass socks though. Designed by Anton Repponen, they resemble bone and muscle tissue from inside your body and should give off a pleasing aesthetic look when you try a pair on. Perfect for Halloween or ...

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The Funk Sole Brother

I have to admit, those non-slip shower mats can be handy when I’m hungover and can’t be bothered with controlling my limbs during a shower. Unfortunately, most are dull and unexpressive, usually featuring colors such as “Calamine Lotion Brown” and “Seagull White.” The Sole Mat is crystal clear and features shoe-prints all over the place, upping your bathroom’s credibility as ...

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Fish Flops Perfect For The Beach

At first, I thought these shoes were the product of a hipster who had some cardboard, old sandals and a lot of free time. Upon closer inspection, however, I discovered that these are indeed real fish that are dead and wearable. It’s quite gross but I’m sure they’d work fine outdoors on a beach. And by fine I mean the ...

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Robot Uses Artificial Beetle Juice To Cling To Gut

With all this RFID implant business going on, the Magic School Bus days are getting closer and closer. We already have a pill that’ll show you your insides, so what’s next? How about a robot you can swallow that attaches to your intestinal wall which can then perform biopsies, deliver drugs, or administer localized treatment to your gut? Metin Sitti, ...

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RoboStool Is The Stalker You’ve Always Wanted

This robot may not be well versed enough in sports to partake in Robot Soccer, but it’s certainly lazy enough to be a sports fan. With three different modes of control: universal remote, beacon navigation, and thermal sensor following, the RoboStool tries its best to find you, so it can take the weight off your feet or die trying. Labeled ...

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Tangle Free Cord-Holding Bag Can’t Hold My Manhood

Hate dealing with wires as much as I do? The EZ Cord Bag is designed for unruly people like us who can’t maintain a group of wires without having them end up entwined with one another.� Perhaps the easiest way to hold an extension cord, the EZ Cord Bag holds up to 100 feet of cord tangle-free.� With a built-in ...

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