Tangle Free Cord-Holding Bag Can’t Hold My Manhood

Hate dealing with wires as much as I do? The EZ Cord Bag is designed for unruly people like us who can’t maintain a group of wires without having them end up entwined with one another.� Perhaps the easiest way to hold an extension cord, the EZ Cord Bag holds up to 100 feet of cord tangle-free.� With a built-in shoulder strap for extra easy portability, it’s a surprise this bag sells for a mere $20.

Though, I must warn you. If you’re trying to use this bag as extra support for your over-sized pecker, it will not fit. I had a terribly embarrassing experience with an EZ Cord Bag on the opening night of Iron Man.� You see, my girlfriend was going down on me at the concession stand, holding my member in her hand as if it were a never-ending string of Gobstoppers. All the while, I’m enjoying the movie several feet away with my EZ Cord Bag packed in between my girlfriend and I as an intermediary.� When the movie was over and my girlfriend was no where to be seen, I scrambled to my feet leading me to trip over my EZ Cord Bag. The bag tore my manhood’s root out of my pelvis and I let out a blood curdling scream. I passed out and awoke in a hospital, vowing to use the EZ Cord Bag for cords only in the future.

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