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Genius Students Create Fart Smell-O-Meter

So, apparently, there is a scientific way to measure the deathly odor of you gas. I always sort of wondered how my farts compared to everyone elses. I mean, I know everyone freaks out when I fart in a car, threatening to jump out onto the pavement passing at a considerable rate below, and then there was the one guy ...

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Tweet My Ass DIY: How To Make Your Office Chair Use Twitter

A few days ago, an ingenious Twitter account mysteriously appeared online. The owner of Twitter profile OfficeChair engineered a rig which allowed his office chair to send a tweet to Twitter everytime he passes gas while sitting in the chair. And boy, does he pass gas plenty. But how did he do this and how could you do it yourself? ...

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Warning: Choking Hazard Chair

I’m no stranger to furniture made from recyclables. After all, I write about it all the time and I just so happen to sit on my ass for the same duration. Upon seeing Ryan Frank’s design, pictured above, I immediately thought of how comfortable it would be to pass gas while sitting in it. Well, more comfortable than doing so ...

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