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Homemade Data Rig Has 90 TB of Storage Cooled By 40 Fans

A Russian modder has crafted the perfect solution to limited storage space for all of those torrents you’ve been downloading recently. This homemade computer rig rocks out with 90 terabytes of storage. But 90 TB of computing generates a ton of heat, which is why this computer needs 40 fans to keep cool. More than enough space to download pretty ...

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Jetart NP7600W laptop cooler integrates USB for added fuctionality

Laptop cooling pads are nothing new. They all seem to do the same thing in just a slightly different way. In this case, there really is something to differentiate itself from the competition. The Jetart NP7600W Aluminum Notebook Cooler has two 2,300RPM cooling fans as well as four USB ports. This works on multiple levels. Say you just bought an ...

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The Antec Nine Hundred Gamers Case turns your PC into a freezer

As any custom PC builder knows, Antec’s cases are among the best. The Antec Nine Hundred Gamer Case serves up Antec quality with a large form factor that allows for much expandability for all those extra hard drives and PCI cards you have running your PC. In case you were wondering, Antec does have a solid justification for naming this ...

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