The Antec Nine Hundred Gamers Case turns your PC into a freezer

antec nine hundred

As any custom PC builder knows, Antec’s cases are among the best. The Antec Nine Hundred Gamer Case serves up Antec quality with a large form factor that allows for much expandability for all those extra hard drives and PCI cards you have running your PC. In case you were wondering, Antec does have a solid justification for naming this baby a hardcore gaming enclosure: see those two huge fans in the front? yeah, those fans. Those fans keep your PC running far below that sky high temperature your old case used to run at. In total, the Nine Hundred Gaming Case features six fans. Referring back to the expandability of this case, it has nine drive bays and seven expansion slots.

This case also has a top section that serves as a place for you to put your MP3 player or digital camera while you are busy transferring data between your PC and the peripheral device. With the Antec Nine Hundred, you don’t have to worry about your brand new AMD or Intel chip melting to that motherboard that holds the whole computer together. And if you want to go to that LAN party your friends are having, that side panel is just another way to brag about your amazing setup that’s going to let you make those noobs cry.

antec nine hundred

antec nine hundred

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the GIANT fan on top that gives a quick exit to rising heat that would normally get trapped out of reach of the fans.

  2. This is the case I use, and I’ll tell you what… Freezer is pushing it a little. There’s no doubt that it’s a nice case, but my processor still gets pretty hot.

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