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Cigar Skateboard is the Key to Classy Extreme Sports

I realize that the correlation between skateboarders and cigar smokers is likely very low and a venn diagram depicting the pair’s relation would be even more laughable than than the mental image. But I don’t really care because I know that there are some skaters out there who would totally rock this deck with an abundance of ironic glee. The ...

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Skatekeyboard: Extreme Sports Mashed with Extreme Geekery

Try to do an ollie on this bad boy without breaking any keys. Now that sounds like an interesting new challenge for the X-Games. The Skatekeyboard combines the art of skating with the geekery of keyboarding. Can you skateboard and type a complete sentence with your feet at the same time? Tony Hawk has a new art to perfect now. ...

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AquaClimb: Rock Climbing in Your Pool

Summer might be at its tail end, but it’s never too early to prepare for the first heat wave of 2010. For those of us who prefer an element of extreme sports, such as the amazingly artistic Parkour, which we happen to be a leading authority on, in everything that we do, this AquaClimb rock climbing wall adds mountain climbing ...

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