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Three Ewok Moon T-Shirt: Wait, That’s No Moon

The majesty of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt (now in PJ form!) is almost impossible to upstage. But if there was anyway to do it, I’m pretty sure the Star Wars Shop just figured it out. The Three Ewok Moon tee pays homage to an internet meme which some might consider played out, but this design provides a breath of ...

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DO WANT!: Ewok Plushy

My favorite little fluff balls from Return of the Jedi get the plushy treatment thanks to Craftster user gammerus’s immortalization of the Ewok. I don’t only want one of these… I need one. Sure, the proportions aren’t 100% accurate and they probably don’t have that same fresh Ewok smell, but it’s about as close as you’ll get without delving into ...

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Star Wars Celebrities: Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo

If Star Wars was reproduced as a modern parody, who would be cast in the hilariously sacrilegious resulting film? Photoshop contest headquarters Worth1000.com has it covered with their Celebrity Star Wars contest. My three favorites are Yoda DeVito, Ewokchop and Elvis Solo. Lambchop just looks so much cuddlier as an Ewok!

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Life On Mars: Martian Spotted On NASA Spirit Footage

No, we have not become a tabloid. Nor do we say that this image shows definitive proof of life on Mars (even though David Bowie asks that very same question decades ago, what a genius.) What we can tell you is that a humanoid-appearing entity was spotted chilling on a rock, from one of the photos taken by the NASA ...

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