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Esquire’s E-Ink Cover Turned Digital Clock

We found little purpose for the E-paper cover of Esquire magazine’s October 2008 issue. That’s not to say we didn’t like it. It’s stylish and way cooler than that “boobless” trick with a calculator. We just think it’s a little bulkier than it should be, considering it’s the cover of a magazine. Hack a Day’s Ian Lesnet took the Esquire ...

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Esquire’s E-Ink Cover Dissected

With Esquire‘s 75th anniversary taking place this year, the magazine released its latest issue with an E-Ink cover that comes with plenty of bits and pieces for DIYers to take apart and mess with. Phillip Torrone of MAKE points out the minor potential the E-ink cover has in regards to hacking but approves of its design with much enthusiasm. He ...

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