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Keep Track of Your Employees’ Activities

employee activities tracker

Wondering what your employees do on their official cellphone in their working hours? Whom they talks to, what they chat with people, what sites they surf, etc.? Now you can monitor their all moves sitting anywhere remotely.

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Behind The Scenes At Netflix: How It All Works

Did you think that all of your movies were shoved into those little red envelopes using a huge array of machines? Up until today, we thought that much of the Netflix system was ran by software and machinery, but as it turns out, a lot of manual human labor goes into the Netflix shipping cycle. At the Netflix plant in ...

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Is Universal Buggin’?

Nothing is for free in this world. Unless of course you work for Universal and get free screenings. Then of course you try to sell DVDs of your shiesty recordings during the screenings. That’s the reason behind Universal Pictures canceling all non-executive employee screenings until further notice. According to Nikki Finke’s source: “…some dumb fuck pirated Wanted at one of ...

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