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Periodic Table of Elements Cake

Ok, we’ve become slightly obsessed with the Periodic Table of Elements, so sue us. I mean, aesthetically, the thing is just gorgeous to begin with. 118 gorgeous boxes of chemical goodness. The design just fits anywhere. It works. It’s beautiful. Hell, it even makes itself right at home on a damned cake. And it looks delicious to boot. Now you ...

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Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses

These awesome Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses serve as mobile advertisements for the Oxford Science Park in the U.K. I wonder if one of these bad boys will go up for sale after they’re done with the marketing scheme. A ride like this would go perfect with a set of Periodic Picnic Tables.

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Periodic Picnic Table of Elements Fills Your Tummy With Chemistry

She might have blinded you with science, but what are you going to do when you start getting hungry? Filling your belly is a lot more difficult when you can’t see your own food. This Periodic Picnic Table is cool enough to bring sight to the blind. Prove me wrong. I don’t know what I’d do to own a table ...

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Magic: The Etchings

If you’re still in to Magic: The Gathering, you’re one dedicated player. But hey, we aren’t here to judge. In fact, we want to support your “mana tapping” needs by introducing you to the ultimate glass-ware inspired by the ever so famous card game, Magic. Craftster.org forum user Poe poe made these etched glasses out of old glade candle glasses. ...

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Travis Pastrana: Defying The Elements On A Dirt Bike

I’ve never heard of Travis Pastrana just like I’d never heard of that huge LEGO tower at first. But now I know who he is, thanks to this video of him being a professional badass. It seems Travis has the balls to ride a Suzuki dirt bike at 70 miles per hour in deep water, essentially skimming the surface and ...

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