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Your Very Own Sad Keanu

As far as papercraft goes, this isn’t the most artistic creation we’ve ever seen. But for those of you who are as artistically-challenged as I am, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This simple print-and-cut DIY allows you to have your very own Sad Keanu computer monitor companion. A pair of scissors and a piece of tape should get the ...

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Quick Snap Ice Tray Removes Cubes Without The Struggle

If a random stranger were to walk into my kitchen while I was going mano-a-mano with my ice tray, they’d understand the?necessity of a gadget such as the Quick Snap Ice Tray. When man and ice tray engage in a fierce bout of fisticuffs you know something is amiss. The Quick Snap Ice Tray allows for?connoisseurs?of chilled beverages to easily ...

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