Quick Snap Ice Tray Removes Cubes Without The Struggle

If a random stranger were to walk into my kitchen while I was going mano-a-mano with my ice tray, they’d understand the?necessity of a gadget such as the Quick Snap Ice Tray. When man and ice tray engage in a fierce bout of fisticuffs you know something is amiss.

The Quick Snap Ice Tray allows for?connoisseurs?of chilled beverages to easily eject?their frozen blocks of ice, without the loss of any blood or resulting in any shattered plastic. Available for a little more than $12.

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  1. Granted, I haven’s an ice tray since I upgraded to a modern freezer years ago, but I don’t really remember having that much difficulty with the standard ice tray…maybe I have some latent super powers I was unaware of.

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