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A Guide to the Best Wireless Earphones in 2021

It’s 2021, and wired earphones are a thing of the past. The days of using the tacky, plastic earphones that come with a new smartphone are over because it’s time to invest in a pair of good-quality wireless earphones.  While many people would disagree with us, we think that wireless earphones are more convenient and comfortable than wired earphones. They ...

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CATBUD Headphones Give You Kitty Ears

Clearly not for the ardent audiophile, these CATBUD headphones, while likely not offering crystal clear sound, will make you look a little like a kitty cat thanks to the furry ears attached to the set. If you get really bored on Halloween and find yourself in need of some sort of distraction from all of the greedy candy obsessed kids, ...

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Queer As Folk Headphones

These flamboyant pig earphones are just what the doctored order for the fruit inside every one of us. The Japanese company Green House has made them out of soft silicon and these pigs come in three different sizes for those with pig ears to match.? For only $12, you can show show everyone you enjoy the sausage. Maybe pork? Either ...

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Waterproof Dolphin MP3 Player for sea dwelling humans

As we posted back in January, Century Corp Japan announced their Dolphin MP3 Player, a waterproof solution to portable media. The Dolphin looks like some sort of medical equipment you would find in a hospital and connects right onto a pair of goggles. The silicon covered 1GB flash drive comes with waterproof earphones, which we would think would also keep ...

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