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Tetris Hair Style and Dye Job

If you’re not the type to get something quite as permanent as a geeky tattoo, a new do is a great alternative for showing off your geekiness, as witnessed through this awesome Tetris hair style. Even if this is a little too “in-your-face” for you, there are some other awesome ways to display your love for retro gaming. Me? I’m ...

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Animal Cruelty At Its Finest

Despite this woman’s smug look, this could be considered animal cruelty. If it is, it’s perhaps the coolest-looking animal cruelty out there. It would take an impeccable amount of grooming skill to style your dogs hair in order to make it look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. In this case, its Leonardo. Cleverly dubbed “Leonardoodle,” this poor dog is ...

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Exploding Bike Locks Only Work On The Clothed Thief

Combine anti-theft tags for clothes with bike locks and what do you get? An exploding bike lock that tags a thief with a permanent dye, making the scumbag easily identifiable. It’s called the SmartLock, but there’s only one flaw with it: what if this would be bike-napper isn’t wearing clothes? Then, he finds some clothes in a nearby alleyway, ridding ...

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Dyed Glass Makes For Better Solar Power

In an attempt to turn everyday household windows into solar panels, two MIT researchers have created “organic solar concentrators” out of dyed glass that could potentially increase traditional solar panel efficiency by 50%. Imagine fulfilling all your electrical needs with the help of your typical household glass windows. I sure hope you haven’t desecrated your roof with inefficient solar paneling ...

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