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Steampunk iPhone Stand

Influenced by the technology featured in the films Dune and Blade Runner, the Steampunk-inspired iPhone stand, created by Dieter Erik von Schramm, is the result of browsing through the piping section of Lowes Hardware Store. The weathered finish was completed using Valspar spray paints. This will fit excellently into my pit of doom catacomb of love.

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Parajet Skycar Will Congest Sky Airways

While we aren’t at the point where we’ll be flying sky-high with cars like we’re the Jetsons, we’re getting there. The Parajet Skycar is the world’s first carbon-neutral flying car. In actuality, it’s a dune buggy with a parachute and propeller, able to reach altitudes as high as 15,000 ft. If in the extreme circumstance the car stalls on you, ...

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