Parajet Skycar Will Congest Sky Airways

While we aren’t at the point where we’ll be flying sky-high with cars like we’re the Jetsons, we’re getting there. The Parajet Skycar is the world’s first carbon-neutral flying car. In actuality, it’s a dune buggy with a parachute and propeller, able to reach altitudes as high as 15,000 ft.

If in the extreme circumstance the car stalls on you, well, you still got that parachute with ya’. It only takes about three minutes for it to go from land to air, which is faster than any commercial airline you’ll ever take. They’re planning to sell it for $70,000 dollars, unless of course air traffic control has something to say about it.

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  1. Too bad those rigs are a bit less than easily controlled in gusty winds–especially those that arise unexpectedly. Perhaps when I see a brochure it will show that a ballistic chute is ALSO included.

    Now, get that vehicle streamlined and enclosed, make the wings of light laminates, make them fold away and removable along with the attached tail section and prop, and have the engine to prop drive separate cleanly and artistically so the car can be driven on a daily basis, then I will be interested.

    Give it about 120 knots in the air at 4gph and additionally great mileage as a car.

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