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Use Korg DS-10 Software As A Talkbox

Here’s a video of a gentleman from Japan using his Nintendo DSi, the microphone, Korg DS-10 software and a bendy straw. He then proclaims it’s a “Talkbox! Talking modulator!” I couldn’t agree more. If you’re looking to live out your Peter Frampton fantasy, this is as cheap as it gets. Just don’t embarrass yourself with a similar Youtube video. Link ...

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KORG DS-10 Software Hits Nintendo DS

Though I sold my Nintendo DS a few years ago, the amount of creative homebrew applications for it has gone through the roof. I’ve seen everything from VoIP apps to sequences and drum machines. This latest piece of legal software, KORG DS-10, stays true to the homebrew movement and offers an emulated version of a KORG analog synthesizer. You’ll be ...

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