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Edible Wedding Dress / Cake

Short on space and even shorter on cash? Looks like you’ll be cutting a lot of corners when it comes to wedding planning, which can cause bankruptcy all on its own. The Edible Wedding Dress Cake not only saves you some space in the reception hall but saves you some cash as you’ll only have to shell out for the ...

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LED Dress is the Coolest Prom Outfit Ever

If I was a chick there would be no competition.� Not only would I wear this dress to my prom, but every single one of my bridesmaids would be decked out in 24,000 LED bulbs. Created by two designers in London for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, the LED bulbs of the Galaxy Dress are diffused by ...

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Self-sustaining Suit Has You Walking Just To Sit

Here at Gearfuse, we’ve seen loads of stuff that has no practical use in real world applications. Take that toaster scanner thing for example, a neat idea but totally worthless to anyone who isn’t scamming people by selling Mother Teresa-faced toast on eBay.� We recently took a look at JooYoun Paek’s website. She’s an artist and interactive designer that takes ...

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Homemade Apple Cufflinks

While not as tasty as Apple pie or a Mac Pro, these cufflinks are sufficient enough to pick up even the dorkiest of women. Designed by Etsy user Beaujangles (what a great semi-racist pun!), these go for $50 a set. While you might find that expensive, consider what a good pair of cufflinks would cost you from Nordstrom or a ...

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Dress You Up In My Light

Mary Huang knows what girls like, which is why she’s probably doing so well at UCLA’s Design and Media Arts department. Mary is teaming with talent and has used her creativity and skill to create a beautiful LED dress made from woven cotton jersey and hand-crocheted flowers. Fancy! Around 24 LEDs are integrated into the dress and are powered via ...

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Spontaneous Picnic Dress Is Good Eatin’ Wherever You’re Sittin’

Grab your baskets, cooler, and your favorite lady, and take a stroll out to the park because picnic planning just got a lot easier. The Spontaneous Picnic Dress doubles as a faux-retro fashion statement for your girl, while offering a place to lounge, eat, and possibly even mix up some drinks if the picnic spirit chooses you for its outdoor ...

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