Self-sustaining Suit Has You Walking Just To Sit

Here at Gearfuse, we’ve seen loads of stuff that has no practical use in real world applications. Take that toaster scanner thing for example, a neat idea but totally worthless to anyone who isn’t scamming people by selling Mother Teresa-faced toast on eBay.� We recently took a look at JooYoun Paek’s website. She’s an artist and interactive designer that takes practical things, doubles them, then combines them creating a whole new worthless product no one will ever use. Don’t believe me? Check out her site to see one of the most absurd motor cycle helmets ever conceived. blah blah blahs lbhsldjf

While we applaud her enthusiasm, her latest design, the self-sustainable chair had us in awe. The idea is similar to those cushions integrated into pajamas, where not being able to find a seat is never a problem. It’s claimed to be a wearable piece of furniture taking on the appearance of a dress or garbage bag, whichever you prefer. The rear-end is inflatable, forming into a chair via pumps in the shoes. Paek hopes it will �transform the humdrum experiences produced by routine walking commutes into an amusing interactive performance.�� All it’s really going to do is make you look ridiculous, but being a design from JooYoun Paek, I guess that’s the point.

Editor’s Note: The suit is ridiculous. Watch the video. Read Ryan’s ramblings if you must.

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