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250 Pokemon Redesigned as Ancient Mythological Japanese Creatures

If Pokemon had been first drawn in the days of feudal Japan, those pocket monsters might have looked a bit different. In fact, they likely would have taken on a similar style as the demons which fill ancient Japanese scrolls. This clever Japanese artist redrew the Pokemon, reimagining their design to resemble ancient mythological Japanese creatures. First there was Godzilla, ...

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Rendezvous With Anus: Japanese Anatomy Scrolls From The 1800s

Back in the 1800s, if you got shot in the leg, it came off. Broke your arm? Let’s drink some whiskey and saw it off. Modern medicine has been well aided through anatomical drawings from centuries past. Kaibo Zonshinzu has not only drawn some of the most intricate, beautiful medical scrolls, but takes it the extra mile by depicting pain ...

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