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Calculating Doom

There was a time when games like 'Doom' required top-of-the-line computing to play. Now we can play it on a graphing calculator.

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Doom Resurrection Debuts Next Week

Anyone not excited about a new Doom title is really just a sour puss. Since the original, three-episode shooter, any sequel or update has made me jump for joy. This time is no exception. Doom Resurrection is an iPhone game that debuts next week from id Software. It’ll feature lots of downsampled graphics from Doom 3, great controls and a ...

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How To Kill Nazis with Your Jailbroken iPhone: Wolfenstein

You must be saying to yourself, “Surely, Gearfuse, you must be mistaken! There’s no way the full and unedited game of Wolfenstein could be available on my iPhone!” Well, it is and it has been released for all jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches. We’re talking a full port here. Not some half-assed ripoff. You’ve wondered when Nazi-killing would be possible ...

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Doom On An iPhone With TV Out

iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith updated his iPhone port of Doom to not only take advantage of the iPhone’s TV-out features but also utilize its touchscreen as an interface for the game. Why he decided to display the game on an old monochrome Apple II monitor is beyond me. We get it, Steven: you love Apple. For now, there are no ...

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Put Yourself In Indiana’s Shoes

Have you got a death wish? Much like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, you can prepare to meet Kali in Hell while risking your life to cross this bridge. It’s a long way down, so it’s best to keep your eyes on the prize. The prize being arriving on the other side safe and sound. While crossing, don’t ...

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