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DIY: Turn Your Bic Into A Laser Lighter

It’s no wonder Dr. Evil wanted sharks with fricken’ laser beams attached to their heads. Just check out what a laser can do given the right project and tools, even on a tight budget. This step-by-step video tutorial teaches you how to turn a Bic lighter into a flame shooter which ignites shit using a laser beam. Light a fuse, ...

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DIY Walnut and Paper Drum Machine is Bizarre, But Free

“Walnut and Paper Drum Machine.” It sounds like the subject header from some shitty spam e-mail. But thankfully, this DIY project is both faux-meat product-free and very real. So, here’s what you have to do. Steal a bunch of walnuts from your squirrely forest friends, grab a sheet a paper and a webcam, and head over to download the free ...

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What To Do With A Broken Mouse? DIY Toothbrush Holder

Have a few dead computer mouses laying around? They’re probably sitting in the same spot you keep the skeletons in your closet. You might be having some trouble parting with them. And that’s fine, totally normal. People become attached to inanimate objects all the time. So, if you want to actually do something USEFUL with those dead mice, you might ...

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