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Disposable Flask: The Capri Sun for Alcoholics

For some people, a full-sized flask is just too much bulk to heft around. If you’re out and about all day and nary have a chance to stop by your place and drop off unneeded pocket fodder, showing up to your court ordered AA meeting with a flask-sized bulge in your pocket isn’t the smartest thing you can do. The ...

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Disposable Flasks

The next time you head off to a baseball game, concert or event in a park, try bringing one of these nifty disposable flasks. They cost a mere $2.55 each, so they won’t break your wallet. The best part is that they initially come flat and grow bigger with more liquid, making it easier to stuff into your crotch right ...

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Disposable Bic Pre-Charged Cellphones

Disposable razors, pens and even lighters just weren’t enough for Bic. No, it had to team up with Orange France to launch the Bic Phone. Due out around August 7th (in France), the Bic Phone will come in two amazing colors: disposable razor orange and Bic lighter green.� With a pre-charged battery and an hour of free calls, why would ...

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Hop-on HOP1800 Cellphone Costs Ten Bucks

I love how sites are calling this GSM phone the “Anti-iPhone” as the name couldn’t suit the HOP1800 better. Remember the disposable cellphone idea from years back? This is it. Ten bucks gets you a phone from Hop-on that works with over 40 carriers, including all the major players. As you can see in the picture, there’s no display. You ...

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CleanBBQ grill liner keeps your food gizzard-free

With and without CleanBBQ Do you think anyone wants to eat off of your grill if there’s blackened beef parts etched onto the grilling surface? Hell no. CleanBBQ offers aluminum grill linings which provide a clean surface every time you fire up the grill for some meat charring. Aside from the fact that it will look a whole hell of ...

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