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NES External Hard Drive Enclosures

I must admit that most external hard drive enclosures today resemble nothing more than a melted hunk of plastic or metal. Why not get a little creative and rip off Etsy user NES Box. He shoves external hard drives inside of old NES cartridges which give your computer a real retro feel. Need to back up right now? This Super ...

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DIY: Game Boy Floppy Drive

Have you ever wanted to add a floppy drive to your Nintendo Game Boy in order to read ROM files for all of your games? Neither have I, considering you can just download an emulator. Regardless, a French author has posted everything (even circuit diagrams) you’ll need to turn your portable gaming system into a cumbersome mess of wires. Sure, ...

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Floppy Disk Pin Brings You Back To 1991

Are you feeling vintage? Heading to a LAN party to play Doom II and break out 3.5-inch classics like Commander Keen and Xargon? In that case, it’s essential you remain as dapper as possible for the occasion. This felt Floppy Disk Pin will compliment any wrinkled suit you borrowed from your roommate, unlike other apparel on the market. Link (via)

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Marshal HDD case turns any of your hard disks drop-proof

We showed you anti-shock notebooks and tablet PCs, but you know how anti-shock products are like- very arguable size, design and price-tag. Sony and a lot of other manufacturers have also installed shock-proof hard disks into laptops in case you drop them, the idea is to protect the data rather than the screen and everything else (hypocrites!), we all know ...

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