Marshal HDD case turns any of your hard disks drop-proof

marshal mal-0325

We showed you anti-shock notebooks and tablet PCs, but you know how anti-shock products are like- very arguable size, design and price-tag. Sony and a lot of other manufacturers have also installed shock-proof hard disks into laptops in case you drop them, the idea is to protect the data rather than the screen and everything else (hypocrites!), we all know that they’re not deemed to survive in such situations, and when they do, we call ourselves extremely lucky. Japanese company Marshal has started selling this smart-looking hard disk casing that fits any of the 2.5 inch hard disks you pick up in the market; it has passed the 1-meter drop test, so it does what it claims, i.e. protects your hard disk when you accidentally push it over your desk. The Marshal HDD case uses the USB interface, measures 84x127x23mm and weighs 60g by itself. It is only selling for $20 in Japan now. For all that compact size, fail-safe design and bargain price, my name is down for not one but three of these. — Sam Chan

MAL-0325 [Marshal Japan]

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