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Arcade Game Expressionism

When geekism meets fine art, the results are usually breath-taking. Such is the case with Brock Davis’s Arcade Expressionism pieces, which reduce the 8-bit arcade images to their basic shapes and smudges. Above is Donkey Kong and after the jump you can spot Dig Dug and Missle Command.

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Pac-Man Mini Plays All The Classic Hits

You’ve got to be tired of dicking around with that stylus on your Nintendo DS. After all, writing or any act like it is tiresome, especially if you’re a gamer who just likes the simplicity of an analog stick, one button and a high score list. Modder Sam Thornley yearned for portable classics like the Atari Flashback, so he made ...

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It’s My New God

Now, here’s something worth kneeling down to: The Portland, Oregon based arcade known as Ground Kontrol crafted this impressive stained-glass window inspired by the classic arcade game Dig-Dug. Now you’re wondering what makes it cooler than your own MAME arcade cabinet? Simple: it offers gaming salvation for those who are damned to spend eternity in the fiery pits of torment ...

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