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Borg Cube Let’s You Know You’ve Got Mail

Resisting your e-mail is futile. When Jamie Matthews gets an e-mail, he just has to be notified. Receiving a glowing cube from Linden Labs at a job fair, Matthews just couldn’t resist turning it into something a little more worthwhile. A simple python script runs on his computer, periodically screen-scraping his Gmail inbox looking for new mail. It then outputs ...

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Neo Cube Blows My Fricken’ Mind

Composed of 216 “high energy rare-earth magnets”, the Neo Cube is a relatively simple little toy which we can see just wasting hours upon hours of our time. The product page lists the Neo Cube as being perfect for “gaming, expression, stress relief, boredom busting, dual hemispherical brain stimulation, and hours of fun.” But they forgot one very important factor: ...

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Time Cube Triangulates The Current Time

For a very brief moment of time each day, the Time Cube is a complete geometric cube block. The rest of the time, the clock is a geometric abnormality, dedicated to making time reading in need of a mathematical proof. The clock forms star-shaped shapes when it is not 12 a.m. or p.m., with a series of layered triangles revolving ...

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Rubik’s Cube For The Blind

And we thought Rubik’s Cube was impossible, even with visual aid. This cube puzzle is made for those without sight, instead relying on touch, rather than color orientation. Each side has a different pattern which you have to try and align with other same shaped patterns. Having the oppurtunity to say “I solved Rubik’s cube without looking at it once” ...

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