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Papercraft Can’t Buy Me Love

PeopleToo took on the responsiblity of recreating The Beatles in the form of papercraft. I’m sincerely sorry for posting about such an obscure band, but I couldn’t find any Meat Loaf papercraft. I tried, I really did. If you haven’t heard any of The Beatles’ stuff you really should. You might have to do some hunting to track down their ...

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DIY: Paper Airplane Launcher

Now, this is interesting. An electric paper plane launcher kit that you put together yourself. Too bad the entire point of crafting a paper airplane is to wing it at someones head. With this launcher, you not only miss out on choosing your targets, but you also waste precious time building it. Time that’s better spent putting together more paper ...

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Chuck Norris Papercraft Kicks Ass But Has No More Paper To Take Names

Chuck Norris is a man’s man. I’ve got no idea why, considering most of the movies he’s in suck major ass but he’s good with karate and supports the troops. That’s gotta count for something. As homage to one of the greatest living Internet memes in existence and the Scott McCoy, DeviantArt user Billybob884 has been cutting and pasting like ...

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