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Body-Laptop Wooly Jumper Puts You In Your Own Little World

Distractions are everywhere. While there have been many attempts at providing us with our own personal space, many fall short, looking totally unpractical. The Body-Laptop Wooly Jumper is exactly one of those sort of creations. Mixing the ingenuity of the Glovers and the Office Collar, the Wooly Jumper attempts to create your own personal laptop force-field, at the expense of ...

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Star Trek Bead And Thread Mosaics Make Every Deck A Holodeck

A classic line from Star Trek is “Beam me up, Scotti.” Using only colored beads and thread, avid Star Trek fan Devorah Sperber recreated the beaming up look, starring the one and only Captain Kirk, with William Shatner goodness. Sperber also uses her talent with beading to recreate the Star Trek Holodeck, a great entrance for your Star Trek Entertainment ...

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