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Taste of Tech: Breakfast, Shot from Guns

An atemporal history of puffed cereals suggests that the links between food and industry stretch back to the beginnings of civilization. The latest in our series on the science and technology of food, co-produced with GOOD.

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Unicorn on the Cob

With Summer just around the bend, it’s that time of the year again. Time to start BBQ planning. This year, we’re going for a fantasy-theme. But what should we serve with our centaur burgers? Unicorn on the Cob, of course. Shove the horn right into the core of the cob and chomp away. If you’re too cheap to splurge on ...

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Fujitsu Unveils Laptop Made From Delicious Corn

Nom Nom Nom. Now that is what I call a tasty notebook. Don’t get us wrong. We understand laptops have quite a long way to go before they are considered a green consumer electronic, but Fujitsu is on the right track with this laptop made from a corn polymer. Similar to the material which makes up biodegradable plastic beverage cups, ...

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