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Necktie Fan: Easier Than Telling Your Boss to Turn Up the AC

You just don’t know how he does it.� Some people just like to keep cool as much as they can. If possible, they prefer to be shivering rather than sweating. Your boss, on the other hand, likes to keep the temperature more akin to a sauna than an office. And after hearing about that guy in accounting who got fired ...

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Laptop Desk Puts A Weird Look On Your Face

Laptops are a pain in the ass to relax with if you’re not sitting at a desk. Thankfully, there are alternatives to burning a hole in your crotch. FeDom is marketing a notebook desk with built-in 2.1 speakers as well as cooling fans. The desk is compatible with a bunch of operating systems, including those still stuck using Win98 SE. ...

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Jetart NP7600W laptop cooler integrates USB for added fuctionality

Laptop cooling pads are nothing new. They all seem to do the same thing in just a slightly different way. In this case, there really is something to differentiate itself from the competition. The Jetart NP7600W Aluminum Notebook Cooler has two 2,300RPM cooling fans as well as four USB ports. This works on multiple levels. Say you just bought an ...

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