Necktie Fan: Easier Than Telling Your Boss to Turn Up the AC

You just don’t know how he does it.� Some people just like to keep cool as much as they can. If possible, they prefer to be shivering rather than sweating. Your boss, on the other hand, likes to keep the temperature more akin to a sauna than an office. And after hearing about that guy in accounting who got fired for commenting on the heat, you’re not about to ask your boss to turn the damn AC on.

The Necktie Fan is the inconspicuous way of cooling down a bit while everyone else enjoys being slowly roasted alive. Thanko’s newest Necktie Fan 3 comes with a smaller portable charger than previous models, keeping you cooler for longer. You might not be able to start a jug band or live a double life with this tie, but it will keep you cool. Get your own for around $35.

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