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“Remember… These Come From Trees” Stickers

I understand why people are up in arms about Earth’s trees being demolished. I’m pretty sure we need them for some reason, other than the fact that they look pretty. The thing that drives me nuts is that people bitch and moan, but don’t do a damn thing about it. These “Remember… These Come From Trees” Stickers allow you to ...

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Robin Williams, Harrison Ford and Frogs

Nine times out of ten, when someone asks me what I consider important, I usually reply “beer” or “Cooler Ranch Doritos.” While those things are certainly an important aspect of life, I’ve got something a little funkier for you this time around. And to boot, it’s for a good cause. Everyone from Prince William to Robin Williams to Harrison Ford ...

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Abisko Washbasin Provides Extra Incentive To Save Water

While the Abisko Washbasin does a fine job of encouraging water conservation, I’d one-up this design and go a bit further. You see, the Abisko Washbasin uses an angled design which allows wasted water to flow its way down through a drainage grill installed in the floor. If you really wanted to encourage people to conserve water, you have to ...

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Removable Kitchen Sink Promotes Water Conservation

Here’s an idea that really benefits you as a homeowner. A removable kitchen sink that can be taken outside and the water drained over your garden. Genius. And the nutrients the plants will get from food waste will benefit your crop for sure. The design comes from Hughie of Australia and believe it or not, it’s not a concept! You ...

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Washing machine reuses tub water, dry-cleans leather jackets at home

Sanyo Japan was showcasing their new line of washing machines, AQUA this morning. The one that catches the most attention would be the ability of dry cleaning clothes at home. You heard that right, the wet-washing machine is able to dry-clean your clothes too, and they’re using Ozone. Sanyo was able to lower the temperature down to 50C, making leather ...

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