“Remember… These Come From Trees” Stickers


I understand why people are up in arms about Earth’s trees being demolished. I’m pretty sure we need them for some reason, other than the fact that they look pretty. The thing that drives me nuts is that people bitch and moan, but don’t do a damn thing about it.

These “Remember… These Come From Trees” Stickers allow you to remind people exactly what their main resource (other than caffeine) happens to be. Each sticker supposedly has the potential to save 100 lbs. of paper a year. Take heed, or we’re going to have to start making paper out of a more common resource, like gold or diamonds or something.

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  1. It is so ironic how people respond so differently to stickers or the like. I LOVE the sticker, because people need to be reminded of where things come from. Many kids have no idea where their food comes from except from the grocery store. And most people have no idea where their garbage lands up. What to do? Use less. And if this reminds 10% of the people to air dry their hands at the tune of 5 seconds…it will save paper, resources, etc. etc. Gold and diamonds are the bane of Africa – it is interesting that the person used those resources as an analogy and frankly, yes, trees are gold and diamonds for our air and water – you know those elements – the one we can’t live without? So, every little bit does count. And I bet, that people would do more if they were gently reminded of their impact and how easy it is to reduce the use of resources.

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