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i-Tab: For The Forgetful Guitarist

There’s nothing quite like the�embarrassment�of being on stage, in front of tens of people, and just going blank. Oh crap, what chord do I play next? Do I stop playing or just improvise? i-Tab seeks to stop the forgetful guitarist in his or her absentminded tracks, displaying a constant stream of lyrics, chords and tabs as you play along with ...

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Bono Launches U2’s New Tour with Awesome Laser Jacket

Love him or hate him (you’ll be able to guess which side of the spectrum I’m on by the end of this post), Bono has some slick style. U2 launched their 360 tour last night in Barcelona and Bono appeared in a jacket affixed with fricken’ laser beams attached while performing the song “Ultra Violet (Light My Way).” Now, I ...

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Prince Unveils Limited-Edition iPod

Looking to start a revolution similar to that of the backing band from Purple Rain? Excellent. Get ready to drop $2100 on this ridiculous purple iPod Touch. The Prince Opus iPod comes with a 40-minute concert video, 15 live concert tracks, a bunch of photographs of Prince and….well, yeah, that’s about it. Only 950 of these iPods will be produced, ...

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Halloween Bubble Fogger

I used to have a sweet little fog machine until my roommate lost it. I may consider this Bubble Fogger as a suitable replacement. Instead of just belching out smoke onto your stage a la Spinal Tap, this little fucker burps up bubbles filled with fog that remain perfect spheres until popped. Once popped, the fog will flow into the ...

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