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Gambridge Z-1 Guitar Controller Teaches Real Guitar Technique

Real guitarists love to bitch about how the Guitar Hero-esque game controllers hinder the complexity of real-life guitar playing. And to be honest, they’ve gotta point. As a guitar player for the past ten years or so, it pains me to see 12-year-olds pick up a game controller and think they could even have a shot at picking up the ...

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Oh Shit! Intel’s First Six-core Processors Drop

Today, Intel launched its first ever six-core processor: the Xeon 7400. While the name might not be as complex as the name Sony is giving to their new line of laptops, it certainly should be. Everything about this processor is “no joke” as it is geared towards high-end computing, like those used by the scientists working on the Large Hadron ...

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We’re Still Alive, Large Hadron Collider Works!

It’s probably not in the best interest of mankind to try and recreate a big bang right here on our planet, but scientists just can’t get enough of attempting to destroy existence as we know it. For those not familiar with the Large Hadron Collider, it’s the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator complex that stretches a whopping 17 miles. ...

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