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Playstation Home To Launch Tomorrow

Sony has finally gone on the record to say that the long-awaited Playstation Home service will launch tomorrow in open beta form. This means anyone with a Playstation 3 and a broadband Internet connection will be able to sign up for the service, flinging themselves into Sony’s online virtual world. Sony suggests using a Bluetooth headset to add to the ...

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Pixelate Those Pretty Graphics

The Pixelation forum came up with a neat contest for it’s users. They poked at the question, “what would modern games look like on an original Gameboy?” They ask their users to re-create screenshots of their favorite modern games in pixelated Gameboy-form. You’ll find games like Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max, Flashback (not so modern but very ...

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Canada Tries A Real Solution, Can’t Blame Them

This 52 home community is taking the next step in solar power communion in Alberta, Canada. Yea, Canada is a cold place but for these houses, which can provide over 90% of the annual heating and hot water needs, the cold is the last of their worries. However, the slaying of baby seals is another story for another day. It’s ...

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Local Sounds: WHYY 91 FM

Each day, as I read the news and write pieces on technology, art or even just my blog, I’m almost always listening to National Public Radio. More specifically, I listen to my hometown NPR station, WHYY 91 FM from Philadelphia, PA. WHYY offers a unique listening experience that’s really unmatched on both traditional and Internet radio. With shows like Car ...

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