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10 Epic Comic Con Costumes Complete With Accessories


If you are a nerd in any sense of the word, then you already know that SDCC is underway and if you're like us then you're pretty damn excited. A lot of pretty awesome collectibles along with some other great goodies are being unleashed upon us, but we are most excited about the costumes!

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Hot Wheels Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Now Available on eBay

Even if Wonder Woman’s new look hasn’t quite caught on quite yet, a new Wonder Woman rage has. Originally offered as an April Fools prank from Mattel, widespread demand encouraged the toy makers to sell this exclusive gag at Comic-Con. And now, the inevitable… the Invisible Jet is now available on eBay. Of course, what you’re buying is an empty ...

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Flash Mask Upgrades Your Reflexes to That of a Moderately Athletic Sloth

Much like an oft-quoted line from one of my favorite Adam Sandler films: “Get in the Flashk!” Fine, so we didn’t exactly deliver the Flash Mask to you guys at a very convenient time. But hey, you’ll be totally prepared next year. While Steve Jobs might not show you any respect (He’s automatically going to think you’re slow and past ...

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Stan Lee Announces 3 New Characters at Comic-Con

Boom! Studios and Stan Lees Pow! Entertainment held a press conference right before the official Comic-Con festivities got underway and they announced three new ongoing characters coming to a comic book near you. Soldier Zero: about an astronomy teacher in a wheelchair whos bonded to an alien weapon of war after a freak accident. Soldier Zero is being written by ...

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Hello Kitty Stormtrooper

Spotted at Comic-Con was this ridiculous pink Hello Kitty Stormtrooper. What the fuck?! What in the hell is this? Why is this necessary? Why do people feel the need to mangle the universe of Star Wars with the cutesy irrelevance of Hello Kitty? It’s just one of those things I’ll never understand.

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Coolest Google Logo Ever

In honor of Comic-Con and the introduction of comic-theme designs to your personalized iGoogle pages, Google has an awesome new logo design today. Perhaps the coolest Google design yet? Perhaps the geekiest? I duuuuuunnno. There’s been some fiercest competition.

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Resident Evil Comic-Con Shirt Gives You A Taste For Brains

Don’t let outward appearances misguide you. This simple Capcom Resident Evil shirt from Comic-Con might seem like a harmless plug for a video game, but flip the shirt over your face, half Cornholio-style, and you might be mistaken as a zombie on the prowl. Brains aren’t for everyone, but somebody’s gotta do it. It’s the circle of undead. Link

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