Stan Lee Announces 3 New Characters at Comic-Con

Boom! Studios and Stan Lee�s Pow! Entertainment held a press conference right before the official Comic-Con festivities got underway and they announced three new ongoing characters coming to a comic book near you.

  • Soldier Zero: about an astronomy teacher in a wheelchair who�s bonded to an alien weapon of war after a freak accident. Soldier Zero is being written by Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Action Comics), with art by Javier Pina (Superman). Soldier Zero will ship with with two variant covers by Trevor Hairsine and Dave Johnson, as well as one very limited edition signed by Stan Lee himself.
  • The Traveler: a mysterious new superhero with time-traveling powers who battles the Split-Second Men, which are described as �super-powered assassins from the future.� The Traveler is written by Mark Waid (Boom!�s CCO) with art by Chad Hardin (Amazing Spider-Man).
  • Starborn: the story of a regular guy who finds out he�s heir to an intergalactic empire, placing him at the center of a war between five alien races. Starborn is written by Chris Roberson (iZombie) with art by Khary Randolph (The X-Men).

Soldier Zero will debut in October, The Traveler in November and Starborn in December. Their film renditions are still unannounced. But don’t worry. They’ll happen. Thank god these aren’t being released in the summer. My summer reading list would fall to shambles.


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  1. Please give us a *good* film with the Shrike, before one with The Traveler! 🙁

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