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Cocaine Scale in an iPhone Costume

Scarface would have been all over this Cocaine Scale, which makes the device resemble an iPhone. Take off the mobile-esque case and poof, snort away into your own magical world of speed. A scale is essential for dealers who like to measure their sale out to the exact milligram. While in its case, the scale looks like your average iPhone, ...

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Citro n Karin: What Could Have Been

Back in 1980, cocaine was up and coming and Europeans had plenty of it. As they did their daily bumps, shoving the cursed powder into their bodies, an idea sparked in the mind of one Trevor Fiore. He’s the designer behind the car you see here. It’s called the Citro n Karin and it’s probably the ugliest automobile you will ...

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BMW ZX-6 Concept “Car”

I can only imagine how great crack cocaine must be. Seriously, it’s gotta be one hell of a drug. I know this much because the design team at BMW has obviously been smoking a shitload of it. Well, actually, it wasn’t BMW that designed the ZX-6 Concept, it was created by students at Turin-based IED design studio. Certainly not the ...

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Brooklyn Bodega Stocks Crack Pipe Pens

During the course of their neverending quest to get high, crackheads are often forced to play amateur scientists. They mix chemicals, experiment on their bodies, and make stoves out of common household products. Perhaps the most well-known piece of crack addict lab equipment is the glass pipe. Recently, I noticed a new twist on this infamous piece of drug paraphernalia ...

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Black Tissues

For the super elite, regular tissues will not do for coke nose. After all, how are you going to spot the white chunks of blow on a white tissue, save the mucus and blood. Thankfully, Japan has turned up a set of black tissues that not only look brilliant, they cost a small fortune as well. For $150, you get ...

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