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Laugh of the Day: Cigarette Holder for nudists

With no pockets to hold their cool cigarette pack cell phone, nudists have to settle on less high tech gadgetry, and focus more on simple human ingenuity. Wow, we feel bad for them. Not only do they give up clothes, but they have to give up their pride by wearing something that looks like a garter belt? We suppose they ...

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Solar Powered Bikini keeps your drink cold and the tunes flowing

The great outdoors become all the more great during the warm days of summer. Though for us, the outside poses the obstacle of finding a source of energy to power our electronics. While we might not go as far as to wear a Solar Powered Bikini, we would thankfully use our girlfriends to supply our beloved electronics with power. Made ...

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iPod gets dressed up with iAttire

You might have seen these or at least heard of them before, but a company called iAttire dresses iPod’s up in clothes so cute it even made us super testosterone fueled men cave into the adorableness. For prices ranging from under $10, up to $59.90, you can go all out and dress up your iPod real nice. Planning on going ...

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