Solar Powered Bikini keeps your drink cold and the tunes flowing


The great outdoors become all the more great during the warm days of summer. Though for us, the outside poses the obstacle of finding a source of energy to power our electronics. While we might not go as far as to wear a Solar Powered Bikini, we would thankfully use our girlfriends to supply our beloved electronics with power. Made with a series of 1″ by 4″ photovoltaic film panels which can produce 6.5 volts from 1.5 amps, the Solar Powered Bikini allows woman (and maybe men?) to not only enjoy the sun and get a tan, but to power their iPods and keep their drinks cool.

Designed by Andrew Schneider as part of a design like called iDrink, comes equiped with an included USB connection to create a whole new gadget experience. One day, maybe solar panels will be embedded into cloth to produce a clothing line of power clothes. Not that…we would wear. — Andrew Dobrow


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